For your first lesson we would recommend that you book 2 hours so that we can get you used to the car and moving off and stopping the car safely.


After that the duration of lessons is up to you some pupils find that they can cope with longer lessons say 2 to 3 hours where as others are happier with an hour and a half, you can discuss this with your instructor on your first lesson.



  • If you are a novice driver we will give you your first hour FREE (call for details)


  • We offer a Student Discount of £1.00 off per hour while you are in FULL time education


  • Motorway Lessons available.  Gain confidence with motorway driving with an experienced instructor.  We will cover joinnig and leaving the motorway, overtaking safely, roadworks (where possible), motorway traffic congestion, journey planning and making good progress up to the legal speed limit when safe to do so. 



1 Hour£25.00
2 Hours£50.00
Student rate per hour£24.00
Motorway Lesson (2 Hours)£80.00



Payment of your lessons can be made by CASH or CHEQUE.



If you need to cancel a lesson could you please provide 48 hours notice otherwise we will have to charge you for the cancelled lesson.